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Does Your Writing Need an UPGRADE??


IEBBMedia turns your humdrum writing into compelling copy.  We charge a flat fee, avoiding a build up of hourly fees.  More important, if we can’t do it, we’ll direct you to who can!!


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Web & Blog Content:

Quality business content gives visitors a reason to visit more pages, return more often, and spread a positive word about your site, company, or blog.  IEBB creates original content, and guarantees a minimum of 5% in SEO keywords..  Portfolio   Prices start at $9.00 for 100 words.



Promotional Copy:

IEBB maintains three websites dedicated to SEO promotional copy for products, reviews, and individuals.  Supply the article or we’ll write one with the appropriate SEO keywords and links to raise your search profile.  IEBB Reviews, IEBB Profiles,  and More4Less Blog.  Prices start at $9.00 for 150 words.




Original articles.  Up to 1,200 words.  Portfolio  Prices start at $9.00 for 100 words.



Letter & Wire:

With a proprietary database of over 800 plus news sources, IEBB can supply on a periodic basis to your website or blog with the latest news headlines for, by, or pertaining to African Americans in a variety of categories.  IEBB will supply the code or create a news page, which you or IEBB can add to your site, newsletter, and even social network page.  IEBB can also create and distribute a graphically pleasing periodic newsletter.  Tell us your need, and we’ll give you a price.



& Profiles:

Your resume or profile is often the first impression a potential employer or investor develops about you.  Chronological or Functional, IEBB can create a resume that showcases your best attributes.  We start with a comprehensive questionnaire and incorporate any other resume or information you have.  Due to the sensitivity of the information, examples will be provided upon request.  Prices start at $65.00.




If your goal is to successfully persuade investors to back your business, a sound, comprehensive business plan that demonstrates your company’s goals and objectives is critical.  Whether you need a complete plan, or just a section, IEBB will utilize our business, accounting, and legal expertise to ensure you put your best foot forward with the right and latest information.  Prices start at $25.00 for a section, $75.00 for a complete plan..