Online Business & Media Services




IEBBMedia offers online services so you can establish the business you want to reach precisely the audience you seek.  We’ve been where you are.  We know the pitfalls and potholes, the mountains and mole hills.  We also know success.  Now we use that knowledge to help you realize your business and online dreams.  More importantly, our guidance and services are designed to keep you from wasting your money. We charge a flat fee, avoiding a build up of hourly fees.  More important, if we can’t do it, we’ll direct you to who can!!  

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We also use Facebook, Skype, & texting.

Strategic Consulting:

Whether you just have an idea or a well-thought out plan, IEBB will provide an overview of the business process, things to consider, feedback on your ideas, and the next steps to take.  Prices start at $25.00.



Business Set Up:

Using our legal and accounting expertise, IEBB will help you select the best business organization (proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company), create a business and financial plan, and comply with  local/state/federal laws. Prices start at $35.00.



Web Set Up:

IEBB will guide or register your domain, choose the right hosting service, set up WordPress and E-commerce web sites, and measure web site analytics. We also add plugins and widgets and customize WordPress templates.  Prices start at $75.00.



Web Management:

An evolving website can sustain its audience’s interest, and repeat visitors drive up your business’s sales. Creating a website can be a challenging task.  Maintaining its quality is even more challenging. IEBB will timely update your website, add or edit relevant content, and make other enhancements.  Prices start at $50.00 per month, for 2.5 hours.



& Copyright Protection:

IEBB will ensure your logo and brand name, as well as any other original works of authorship, are protected from infringement.  Prices start at $35.00.




Not all PR and Marketing firms are created equal.  From press releases to appearances, IEBB will guide you to choose the firm best suited to get your business ‘out there.’  Prices start at $25.00.



Social Network Set-Up & Management:

Effective social engagement requires discipline, resourcefulness, and an understanding of etiquette. IEBB gives you a competitive advantage by creating a ‘presence’ to make your social network accounts an extended sales force.   Use our management team to keep your content fresh, timely, and relevant.  Prices start at $50.00 per month for 2.5 hours.